Soft Skills (Englisch)

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Adjektiv Übersetzung (Deutsch) Definition (Englisch)
to be ambitious ehrgeizig wanting to be successful
to be assertive durchsetzungsfähig/selbstbewusst to be able to stand up for yourself
to be communicative kommunikativ to be able to talk and listen
to be competitive konkurrenzfähig/konkurrenzorientiert wanting to be first
to be constructive konstruktiv making helpful suggestions
to be creative kreativ to be able to think of new ideas
to be decisive entscheidungsfreudig good at making decisions
to be diplomatic/tactful diplomatisch not doing anything that could make others angry
to be empathetic einfühlsam/empathisch to be able to understand how other peoples feel
to be energetic tatkräftig/energiegeladen not getting tired easily
to be flexible flexibel to be able to change
to be focused konzentriert to be able to concentrate
to be hard-working fleißig opposite of lazy
to be honest ehrlich not lying, stealing or cheating
to be interculturally aware interkulturell bewusst understanding how other cultures are different
to be motivated motiviert wanting to work
to be open-minded unvoreingenommen to be able to new ideas
to be organised organisiert planning things well
to be punctual pünktlich arriving on time
to be reliable zuverlässig someone you can belive or trust